Expert enterprise-class solutions provider with best practices, and an excellent team. We Work Towards Our Mission For A Strong Digital Transformation Focus On Offering Cloud, Software, Mobile App Development, PHP Development, Cloud Consulting Services And Web Presence Solutions. Thynkk is a results-driven Bangalore-based company established in 2019. As a Co-Founder and Creative Director of Thynkk, he has rich experience across diverse industries and specializes in Digital Marketing Specialist | Design Expert.

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Who We Are?

We are a strategic branding agency led by Mr Ithayathulla keen and focused on leading you to make your business successful. We are creativity and creative expertise work with you to achieve your business goals improve your brand credibility, build your business value and let your brand sell for you. It is time for your company to stand out and perform better. More than half of our workforce consists of skilled engineers with 10+ years of software development and branding expertise. We are all unique, with our peculiar set of skills, knowledge, and abilities.

We have a defined team structure, with experienced individuals in business analysis, design, development, management, and quality assurance holding key positions. Solve your company's difficulties while meeting the needs of your customers. Our company offers unique web app designs that ensure a positive user experience with Thynkk.

What We Do

We, at Thynkk design and develop customer-centric solutions for Branding Services, Digital Marketing, eCommerce development, enterprise-grade CMS solutions, SEO & PPC, CRO, Software development, Website Design and Development, Web app development and Mobile App Development for businesses of all sizes, vibes, and industries. We develop solutions for business success at the crossroads of art, technology, and current trends.

We are the most preferred website design and app developers, providing the best software architecture, design, development and testing solutions for every platform. We offer complete end-to-end web and mobile app development services. We handle everything from branding, website concept and design to app development.

Thynkk is built on three pillars and the combination of these factors places us among the top website and software development firms.

Streamlined processes

Employees are more efficient when the workflow is more efficient. Our process allows us to maintain job quality while also automating the software delivery pipeline and enhancing team morale.

Proven technologies

The result of our efforts is software that meets the code quality standards. It is safe, maintenance, efficient, and trustworthy. It is easy to progress with reliable software.

Talented people

No matter how tight the deadlines are, our team of designers and developers is highly skilled, professional, and dedicated to offering outstanding quality branding, website design and software design services.

Several years of organisation development and service design work have allowed us to acquire the trust of multinational businesses.

3000 +

Huge Business Experience

500 +

Projects Done

600 +

Excellent Maintenance and Support System

Our Core Values

Deliver Reliable and Quality Website and Software Development Services


Your aims are our goals. We stand by our statements and accept responsibility for every deadline, decision, and choice we make.


It’s in our DNA. Our clients are the partners behind the success we have tasted over the decades. This is the reason we keep client satisfaction at the center of our ecosystem. We are not shy of collaboration to sharpen our insights for perfect execution of our offerings. The praise from the clients is music to our ears and we’d crave for that. It’s a hunger in us that never fades.

Result-oriented Approach

We know when to step in, take the lead, make suggestions, and use our knowledge to improve the project.

Integrity In Everything

Trust is a firm foundation for successful collaboration. We foster it via open communication, commitment, and complete understanding between clients and teams.

Result-Oriented Approach

We partner with enterprises, startups, and startup accelerators and continuously track progress toward the goals. The results of our work lay the groundwork for long-term collaborations.


Our customers are our primary priority. We guarantee to deliver your desired outcome.

Why we’re here?

What do we want to be

Remembered for?

Simple communication. We have the best team who work closely with you to understand your goals.

Brand and Identity. Elevate your brand and its identity with tailor-made solutions and software that distinguish your company from the competitors.

Workflow visibility. Our people, process, and tools are all available to you.

Innovation. Constantly improving and innovating to provide better services and processes to our clients.


When you come to Thynkk, you don't have to worry about security, scalability, or project backups because we have solutions that fulfil all of your data and file production needs. We take great care in handling your technological concerns.

Thynkk- A solution provider with competence in a wide range of technology platforms and web applications.

How do we Collaborate?

Our goal is to create and provide superior web-based solutions that adhere to international standards while maintaining the cost-effectiveness of websites and mobile apps. Thynkk, one of the leading IT consulting organisations in India, protects its clients' intellectual property, proprietary software, and project specifications with extreme caution. We are a top-tier software development company that adheres to the highest quality and dependability standards.

Our Design Process

Are you trying to develop a unique website for your businesses? Do you require a unique mobile app that is native to iOS, Android, or hybrid? Or looking for any custom software? Where others fail, we prosper!

the Needs

As our business analyst team speaks with prospects, they gather the requirements.

Ideation and
Prototype Design

Our expert designers create the best user experiences. Plan the technology to use along with conceptualizing design and wireframes.

Execution and

Our skilled developers code the projects and deliver
projects to our clients on time.

QA and

Our team of quality analysts tests the entire project and assists the team in making it error-free.

and Maintenance

We manage and support the ongoing processes and cover from basic issues to more advanced needs such as upgrades and enhancements. We help to keep your process functioning smoothly.

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